Judge won't let you get your game on, recommends Xbox 360 ban

An ITC judges wants to prevent the import and sale of Xbox 360s in the United States.

What major tech company isn't involved in some sort of legal dispute these days? While Microsoft has recently been successful in keeping HTC's Android phones from making their way into the country, a U.S. Judge is giving MS a taste of its own medicine by recommending a ban on Xbox 360s in the United States.

Judge David Shaw from the US International Trade Commission may ban the sale and import of Microsoft's popular console over a patent dispute the company has with Motorola. The patent involves the way that the Xbox handles video decoding, and a ban is already in place in Germany over a similar lawsuit.

This is only a recommendation, and the ITC would have to approve the idea before anything else could happen. Even then, the Obama administration would be the ones to sign off on the ban--something that wouldn't happen for some time.

If we've learned anything from this patent circus these last few months it's that these sorts of disputes hurt consumers more than anyone else. Let's hope that Motorola and Microsoft can reach some sort of agreement and that these ridiculous lawsuits put to rest already.

This story, "Judge won't let you get your game on, recommends Xbox 360 ban" was originally published by PCWorld.

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