Avengers get the Minecraft treatment

Man, Iron Man looks really blocky

What I love about the pop (and geek) culture phenomenon that is The Avengers is the new videos arising out of this summer blockbuster. I've already covered some of the Avengers Lego animations that have been done based on the trailer - now I'm seeing some new Minecraft-related animations. All I can say is, "Wow", as these animations take a lot of time to create. The least we can do is watch them and give them some video view love.

In this first one, we get an animated version based on the movie trailer.

In this video, we get to see some of the Minecraft Avengers skins that some people have created, for use in the game(?) possibly.

Finally, this video kind of combines parts of the movie trailer with other audio clips, making it more of a Minecraft parody than a recreation of the trailer. Judge for yourself:

I'll also mention that there's an Avengers porn parody trailer out there, but I'm not allowed to embed that.

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