Watch a hole in the Sun next Tuesday

The "Venus Transit" will appear June 5; most of the globe will be able to watch

Space junkies are preparing for an astronomical event that will occur on Tuesday, June 5 - the once-in-a-lifetime Venus transit. The shadow of Venus moving across the surface of the Sun will make it appear as if a hole was punched into the circle of the star - it's also not going to happen again until December 2117, so unless we can extend our lifespans for another 105 years, this will be the only chance to see it. This video explains more.

This NASA site has more details on the event, along with its "don't stare at the Sun" advice (always good) and schedule of the best times to see it (head to the South Pacific for the best view, but most of the USA should be able to see it at around sunset). Of course, with my luck, it will be cloudy next Tuesday, but let's hope for good weather at around sunset on June 5.

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