Is 300Mpbs for home Internet worth $205? Verizon FiOS says yes

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Last week, Verizon FiOS announced speeds (for some users) of 300Mbps. Now the price has leaked: $205 per month, plus some installation fees in most cases.

According to The Verge, Verizon FiOS pricing will be $204.99 for those lucky enough to get 300Mbps down / 65Mbps up Internet service, which rolls out officially on June 17. Low-end speeds of 15/5Mbps, now $54.99, will jump to $64.99. 50/25 replaces 25/25 and costs $74.99, and 150/65 replaces 50/20 for $94.99. A new level of 75/35 costs $84.99. These prices also require a two-year agreement.

Telcos have been losing ground to cable companies in the Internet access arena. High-profile speed increases may take some of the buzz away from the cable companies. But bumping up the low-end speeds takes FiOS into what The Verge calls movie popcorn pricing: you pay a lot for any popcorn, but double the popcorn only costs a little more.

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I would switch in a heartbeat if it came to Orlando.

Undefined_AJ on

Even if you don't download massive amounts of data, FiOS is still great to have if you are a gamer due to its low latency. The PINGs for my FiOS connection to servers in my geographic area are at 0ms, and download speeds are substantially faster than advertised (43Mbps on the 35Mbps plan).

T_Hoff on

The prices quoted are MSRP without any discounts. Bundle prices are MUCH cheaper.

CraicC2000 on

Cable comparisons

I am paying for 15/5 through Cox right now. $55 a month. Oddly enough, I actually get about 17/45.

Apocalypticon3 on

FiOS doesn't have caps as of yet. On the other hand, Comcast and AT&T U-Verse do.

Steve_Weinstein on


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that thinks these prices are outrageous.

phlebotomist on

Price increases on the low end?! Unacceptable.

AGuyOnTheVerge on

Where can this actually be useful? My friend only has 30mbps internet service (comcast cable), and most websites don't max out that connection.

LiveBrianD on

$205 plus taxes and surcharges for not having a land line seems stupid expensive.

CraigJ on

Would you pay $205 a month for 300/65? Tell us below.

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