Watch the Snow White ride at Disney World now that it's closed

Virtual tour of Snow White's Scary Adventures on its last days

The InsideTheMagic blog has posted a "tribute" video to the Snow White's Scary Adventures ride at Disney World in Florida, which closed down today after a 40-year run. According to the blog, the ride is being replaced by "Princess Fairytale Hall, a meet-and-greet in New Fantasyland, which will also feature the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster ride."

As a Disney ride, the Snow White was definitely one for the kids rather than the adults, it did seem kind of stuck in the '70s in terms of its "action" - but still, does it make you sad that some of the older rides at Disney are being replaced? I'm thankful that before these rides get shut down, that we get to see these video tributes live on in YouTube.

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