Corning announces roll-up Willow glass flexible displays

If Corning is right, electronics on Willow glass may one day be printed like newspapers, and still be strong enough for mobile devices.

Makers of tough Gorilla Glass, Corning announced a product at the other end of the spectrum: flexible glass than can be bent, rolled, and flexed into multiple positions. Only 100 microns thick, or about the size of a single sheet of paper, Willow Glass will support touch-screen uses.

Some Corning customers already have samples, but no products have been announced. Full production is expected to begin later this year, although no firm details have been given. The first products with Willow Glass are expected to be smartphones, and Willow Glass will support both OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) products.

I'm looking through you

Man I can't wait to see the applications of this technology.

Saad Chughtai on

Thinner glass may sound like plastic, but you’ll find it’s much tougher.

orangesrhyme on

Would be great if Willow Glass will flex on impact like plastic to avoid breakage, as well as be a good substrate for capacitive touch. Best of both worlds!

TSH on

What I want

a watch with 1080p live video being streamed over 4G, make it happen ^-^

GoldenRabbit on

Flexible enough to be the touch screen of a wallet-sized computer?

fjpoblam on

I hope the next Nexus phone will have this!

Anonymous on

Never satisfied

forget thinner glass, I want glare free glass.

DaveLike on

However will it change the way people interact with computer or solving some existing mobile device problem? I really doubt.

Erik Chong on

whatever they say, it all breakes

devilsdad on

Would you pay extra for a smartphone with Willow Glass? If so, tell us how much, or why not in a comment below.

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