How to make Windows and Mac OS play nicely together

All of the PCs in my house run Windows, but I carry a Macbook Air on the road. Here's how you can mesh the worlds of Microsoft and Apple.

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Final Thoughts

I still haven't found an Ultrabook that quite matches the MacBook Air hardware, though the Asus Zenbook UX31E comes close. In any event, I wouldn't buy an Ultrabook today--I'd wait to see what some of the Ivy Bridge hardware looks like when those models begin shipping later this year. Some Ivy Bridge-based Ultrabooks may prove to be very slick packages. My dream system would be something with the same responsive touchpad as the Air, a good keyboard layout, and a 1080p IPS LCD panel--weighing 3 pounds, of course.

Until that as-yet-mythical system ships, I'm quite content to continue using the Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Air. The laptop is light, its battery life is terrific, and it is a pleasure to use on the road. And coming from a pretty hardcore Windows user, that's high praise.

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