Camera takes photos by making a finger rectangle

Japanese researcher builds prototype of hand/finger camera

You see this a lot with movie directors or other photographers - they build a rectangle with their index fingers and thumbs to get a perspective on an upcoming shot. It's also a great way to make yourself look pretentious if you're pretending to set up a shot and you don't really know what you're doing.

Anyway, DigInfo News presents us with a Japanese researcher who has taken this concept to the next level, creating a digital camera that takes the image of what you see through your finger rectangle. Take a look:

With the availability of digital cameras inside smartphones and other small devices, it's unclear what the final benefit of this would be, unless they could figure out a way to put the camera in a small glove or something, then you could take photos without needing the camera or phone. Or better yet, have a camera directly embedded into your fingers like a cybernetic robot - but I guess if you're going to do that, might as well put the camera into your eye.

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