Channel 'Minority Report' with Arduino motion control glove for Kinect

Don't want to reach for your remote when watching a movie on the Xbox, but the Kinect is too tricky to use? Mod a glove for better control!

As you all know by now, the Kinect is a pretty epic piece of kit. But did you know that you can use the Kinect to pause, rewind, or fast-forward any video you watch using your Xbox 360? It's true--but it's also awkward to do at best.

Serial modder Ben Heck created a cool Minority Report-inspired glove to control the console, with hand gestures to counteract these issues. Basically, the controller is a glove with an embedded Arduino microcontroller and accelerometer. The accelerometer uses sensors to detect the motion and speed of your hand, while the connected Arduino board will pick up on your motions and work out the commands.

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Thanks to conductive threads that run throughout the glove, the Arduino can also judge what gesture you might be making before you've even finished moving. This means it will cancel out different gestures if certain threads aren't in motion.

After a bit of smart programming using IR code and communication protocols, you can set the movements to control your Xbox 360. To move right, left, up, or down, Ben uses a flicking gesture; pointing at the screen pauses the video. Moving a pointed finger in a circular motion lets you rewind and fast forward. Opening your hand will play an item and clenching your fist selects and item; and to go back, you would a kind of fist-pump toward your shoulder.

It's a pretty impressive mod, especially if you have a decent glove that makes you look like an extra from the movie itself (a mitten wouldn't look cool or work too well).


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