Gaming's 15 funniest, most unfair, and memorable exploits

Exploits. Sometimes, they break games in your favor, allowing you access to powers, abilities, and cheap ways to accomplish difficult tasks that a game’s developers didn’t intend for you to have (and a game’s testers somehow overlooked). But these exploits can sometimes turn the tables against your peaceful adventures--especially in massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft or EVE Online, where game-breaking bugs can give your peers untold advantage over your hapless, plays-by-the-rules self.

And then there are the exploits that are just downright funny.

One of the first rules one learns in journalism school is to never use the word, “interesting.” It’s just too vague a word to be of any use. But that’s exactly how you’d otherwise describe the 15 exploits (and a few extra bonuses) that we’re about to detail out below. Some are game-breaking, some are captivating, and some are just plain famous.

Read and reminisce as much as you’d like: We promise you won’t get banned.

1. World of Warcraft--Rooftop Camping

Long, long ago, it was considered right, fair, and fun to jump on top of the not-so-easily accessed rooftops in World of Warcraft and rain all sorts of pain down on your fellow (and likely lower-level) players. Darkshore rooftop camping, anyone? While not a technical exploit, in that any player could conceivably get on a rooftop and start shooing away, the act perturbed Blizzard’s overlords enough that they dubbed it a ban-worthy exploit in 2006.

1a. World of Warcraft Bonus--Baron Geddon Bomb

This one takes the Delicious Chocolate Cake for funny. Here’s the setup: Baron Geddon, the fifth boss of WoW’s first major multi-boss instance, Molten Core, used to be able to target both players and pets with an ability called Living Bomb. The bomb would explode after 10 seconds, hit the target and all players in the nearby area with 3,200 damage, and blast the target straight up into the air.

The exploit? When Baron Geddon casted this on a player’s pet companion, the player could unsummon the pet--which would keep the Living Bomb effect intact. The next time the player summoned the pet back to life, even if the player happened to be in friendly territory (like a large city), the countdown would begin…

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