Some love for Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds, Linux creator, gets star treatment in Wired profile.

Wired article "Linus Torvalds: The King of Geeks (And Dad of 3)" gives a People Magazine type profile to the guy who created Linux and the ecosystem that changed a variety of modern technologies. Tidbits include the fact he drives his Mercedes SLK convertible too fast, obsesses over details like learning to correctly use a new expresso machine, and that he didn't make nearly as much money as people probably expect from Linux, based on the impact the software has had on the industry.

Yes, he's a down to earth guy, and his license plate says "DAD OF3" while the plate holder identifies him as Mr. Linux above and King of Geeks below. His home office, where he manages Linux for the non-profit Linux Foundation, is normal and unassuming. But, in a story that could be ripped out of People Magazine, when he went a pre-Oscar party, Jon Hamm knew who he was (Robert Downey Jr. didn't). Kudos, Jon, and kudos, Linus T.

Hip Hip Hooray

Thank you sir, how does it feel to have changed the world

Jorge Antillon on

RedHat's $1m stock is his only big payout, apparently. Rather sad, considering the number of mid-level facebook engineers who will become many times as rich in a few months.

pessimist on

Let me assure you that Linus knows full well he has an open offer at Google or any of a dozen companies.

cdibona on

Had the pleasure of meeting Linus last weekend while up in Portland, at a Go Kart facility no less. Super nice guy, but I was a little too star struck to form coherent words. His race nickname was Penguin, :).

colbyolson on


This is ridiculous. Linus T has attitude problems and very big ego. How can someone say the likes Linus? That is over most peoples head.

Kebabbert on

Great article and very interesting insight into Trovald's personality - Especially when you compare it to the founder of the other half of the GNU/Linux operating system world - The preachy, self aggrandizing, paranoid asshole that is Richard Stallman (founder of GNU).

companyemails on

I like Linus. He seems much more pragmatic about things than Stallman. In other words, I get the impression that he sees computers and software more as tools, rather than a religion.

WorknMan on


Jon Hamm just got a couple awesomeness points.

TheNozzle on

Pretty sure that Linus would have murdered Jobs if had taken the job at Apple. The second time that Jobs came in slobbering and yelling about something not being simple enough Linus would have snapped his neck.

Smail Buzzby on

Maybe this will encourage People Magazine to put out a special Geek People issue. If you want one, leave a comment.

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