Morning countdown: Desktop Linux dead; Google rightly paranoid

And other hopefully controversial statements

  1. Peter Smith: DVDs and Blu-Rays aren't dead yet [ITworld]
  2. Why Linux on the desktop is dead [ITworld]
  3. Google lifts self-imposed penalty on Chrome web site [ITworld]
  4. 80,000 IBM employees bring their own devices to work [ITworld]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Embryonic Tizen does great on HTML5 benchmarks [ITworld]
  6. Eric Bloom: To get a job, you should hunt both online and in person [ITworld
  7. Why Google is 'right to be paranoid' [ITworld]
  8. DoJ: AT&T let scammers overrun calling service for the deaf [ITworld]
  9. Business leaders, not IT, make BI decisions [ITworld]
  10. Chris Nerney: Steve Jobs' focus helped him succeed, says biographer [ITworld]
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