Rewind and replay: TiVo files DVR lawsuits, countersuits

TiVo drops suits against Microsoft, files against Motorola and Time Warner Cable.

It appears lawyers are the new revenue generators for TiVo. Citing "no mas" in their two year suit against Microsoft last week, TiVo filed a countersuit over three patents against Motorola and Time Warner Cable. At issue are "time shifting multimedia content streams" that allow viewers to rewind, pause, and fast forward streaming video. Yes, rewind, pause, and fast forward, like the buttons on the cassette decks back in the 1970s.

Lawyers for TiVo have had some successes the last several years. They settled with Dish Network almost a year ago, gaining a $500 million dollar settlement. In January of this year, AT&T agreed to pay $215 million to settle another set of TiVo lawsuits. Not surprisingly, these new suits are filed in the Eastern District of Texas, famous for patent lawsuits of varying degree of legitimacy.

Sad TiVo

Sigh. More signs that even less innovation can be expected from TiVo. Great tactic - spend all your loot on lawsuits instead of R&D.

Frank_Furter on

I don't get the "streaming" part here. It's all just offline storage. Plus any "streaming" aspect of the formats involved are likely covered by standards and patents surrounding MPEG2 and h264.


Sad Time Warner

Hey TiVo.....try using a TW DVR for a bit and you will realize what a hunk of crap it is and they could not have stolen your concept which works perfectly.

Rusty Mattison on

Time Warner’s DVR is such a piece of junk compared to Tivo’s you’d think Tivo would be ashamed to claim patent infringement!

Jean Robie on

In 2001 I had a better DVR (Tivo) than I have today (and it's not even close). The Time Warner supplied ones are awful in every respect.

nitts on

Sad patent process

How did they get something like that as a patent?

Donnicton on

Tivo didn't invent delayed viewing. That has been around since the 80s with VHS. They didn't invent recording video to a hard drive. They didn't invent on-screen guide information either. So what the hell are they suing for?

jimv1983 on

The only people who think patent laws are absurd are those who don’t make their livelihood with intellectual property.

Karen on

Tivo invented the DVR market. If there is case for software patents, it would be this.

headhot on

TiVo made a huge splash when they appeared. Do you believe the company's decline is due to having their patents ripped off, or bad business decisions?

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