Robot arm lets you "shake hands" across the Internet

Of course, the Internet comes up with other body parts to use

Sometimes I feel bad for Japanese scientists, who develop robots for all sorts of genuine, life-changing and world-changing reasons, then someone makes a video about it and the rest of the goofballs on the Internet decide the creepiest or dirtiest usage for said robot.

Witness this video, in which Japanese researchers discuss a robotic hand that allows users in a different location (telecommuters, remote office workers, etc.) to "shake hands" with the person via the robot hand. Like robots that let users "kiss" or provide other tactile feedback, my first thought was "Hey, that's cool, it's a good way for people to have more human interaction when conducting business."

Unfortunately, then the middle-school portion of my brain took over and thought of all the other things that people might use this hand for. Apparently, so did all of the commenters on the YouTube video page.

If you're still confused about what I'm thinking about, congratulations, you're mind isn't in the gutter as much as mine apparently is.

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