Does programmer now equal Male Chauvinist Pig?

'Brogramming' sexism, sometimes subtle and sometimes not, excludes and discourages female coders.

The demand from Kevin W. Gisi is clear: "Stop Brogramming!" Quoting the Boston API Jam, which advertised "Need another beer? Let one of our friendly (female) event staff get that for you," Gisi highlights the "near-immediate scorn from various community members," that clobbered the event. But this is just one overt example of sexism that has developed in the male-dominated programming profession, discouraging females from the discipline constantly, from school to their workplace.

Katie Cunningham, in her blog The Real Katie, provided example after example of workplace sexism in her post Lighten Up. Take notes in a meeting? Katie. Organize a pot luck dinner? Katie. Be the boss's personal assistant? Katie. Her post title comes from being told to "lighten up" every time she objected to a sexist comment. "If I wasn't in the middle of being raped or beaten or threatened or fired, guess what I needed to do? Lighten up."


Those who see calling women girls as equivalent to calling men guys are wrong. It's a loaded term that has frequently been used as an insult.

G on

Sorry, but what exactly is sexist about trying to get laid?

ArtB on

I somehow found myself setting up meetings for people, answering phones, coordinating lunches, etc.

Jennifer Lopez on

Explaining guys

you'll see guys taking playful jabs at each other all day long. They don't dress up thier language or generally worry about if they are hurting someones feelings. Very few topics are considered "off limits".

Kris Roadruck on

What exactly is sexism, you ask? In this case, the example is “citing women on your event staff as a perk of a hackathon.”

Drostie on

I actually know Avand personally, and his humor is often awkward, as is common in many geeks.

kstenerud on

Target missed

Girls and beer, oh how offensive, big deal

mfieldhouse on

It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to be funny or not. Sexist language is still sexist language, and if you use it, you’re being sexist.

Anonymous on

What exactly is sexism? Behaving as sexes DO exist, and, for example, men can like the look of certain females? Well, sexes DO exist, and men do like the look of certain females. To state otherwise would be hypocrisy.

batista on

Do you see examples of sexism from programmers in your workplace? List some below.

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