Random people from the 1970s answering the phone

Novelty phone options in 1977 were cool or ugly

Not much of a plot here in this 1977 film by AT&T (courtesy of the ATTTechChannel on YouTube) - it's just a bunch of random people talking on the phone. The film basically showcased a bunch of their novelty phone options, for customers who wanted to go beyond your average, ordinary phone.

I kind of recall my parents owning the "Early American" phone, but what I really wanted as a kid was the Micky Mouse phone. Sadly, like the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, I never got what I truly wanted. Alas, there's still eBay.

AT&T says that its consumer home telephone division was sold to Lucent Technologies in 1996, and then was acquired by Hong Kong-based VTech in 2000. The division was named Advanced American Telephones, which still sells phones through AT&T.

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