Who should pay the $9,000 a day to keep MegaUpload's 25 petabytes of data alive?

Millions of files, stranded by MegaUpload criminal case, are in limbo, and the hosting service is tired of paying the costs itself.

Carpathia Hosting provided 1,103 server and 25 petabytes of storage to MegaUpload, and needs someone to pay that hosting bill. Total value of the servers, according to Carpathia, is about $1.25 million, and the daily tab for rack space, power, and connectivity. No one yet knows how much of that data storage is copyright-infringing files, as the government claims, or files from the many owners of legal file content that have come forward after the shutdown.

Options include putting the site online again for a short period so users could reclaim legit files, but who decides which files within 25 PB are legit? The government seized the site, so some say they should pay the storage costs, just as they do for other evidence. Music and movie companies behind the shutdown could pay to preseve the evidence, but have so far refused. MegaUpload has volunteered to take over, but the authorities refuse to allow the accused to take control of the main evidence in the case.

Control Alt Delete

If MPAA isn't willing to pay for the servers that they are the reason for taking down and they won't allow MegaUpload to take them back, then Carpathia should be able to just delete all the files.

Jarrex on arstechnica.com

Also, if you shut down the servers, you could lose some log files that may have some sort of data they can use to incriminate whoever it is they intend to.

hillbilly_hubble on reddit.com

Either their "confiscate" the data or they do not. If they do, they have the responsibility to keep it up, if they do not, they should have to give it back to its "owner".

stfu on news.ycombinator.com

Seasoned advice

The government should bear the costs of retention of the information. The US government started all this and is responsible for retaining this "evidence" until the entire court case is resolved.

crustytheclown on arstechnica.com

I could be wrong, but I believe the government's position is that they have already copied everything that they want, and that Carpathia was free to destroy the data.

downandout on news.ycombinator.com

Ummm... why do they have to pay connectivity and electricity for server that do not need to actually be running? As far as I can tell the only cost should be rackspace.

HexRei on arstechnica.com

Piling on

$9,000/day? Come on, that's a BARGAIN, by MPAA's calculations, 25 petabytes of pirated movies is worth at least 76 Quintillion dollars.

joshv on arstechnica.com

lol they should send all the copy-write jackasses a letter saying if you do not give us such and such money to support the servers consider them wiped.

liquidxlax on reddit.com

Just move it on to some floppies or something, gosh.

some_jackass on reddit.com

Did you ever use MegaUpload for legal or illegal purposes? If so, do you care about the files stored there?

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