Creepy robot climbs over rocks, logs to hunt you down

Boston Dynamics' OTHER robot video showcases something scarier

I'm sure the folks who work at Boston Dynamics are wonderful, hard-working people who are building robots that benefit mankind in the long run (they build robots for the military to help our soldiers, not hurt them), but man, is this robot video creepy.

Meet the RHex, a 30-pound robot designed "for mobility on rough terrain." Operated remotely with an RF link and high-resolution video uplink, the robot can operate right-side-up, upside down, and climb over rocks and logs. Boston Dynamics says that RHex has been around for several years, but this model was redesigned for improved ruggedness, longer battery life, and improved mobility.

Unlike the company's "Sand Flea" leaping robot video, there were no discernable edits to question the validity of this robot's ability to get over the rough terrain. Also, anyone else get a "Hunger Games" vibe from these robots? I hope they don't start developing wings. Just saying...

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