Survey finds Apple product in 1 of every 2 households

CNBC survey finds at least one Apple product in more than 55 million American homes.

More helpful for Apple, CNBC found that the average Apple-owning home has not one but three Apple products. One quarter of those homes are planning to buy at least one more Apple product within the next 12 months. The higher the household income, the more Apple products.

Not just the young have pockets full of Apples: the 35-49 year old bracket is represented about as well as the 18-34 range, with 63 percent ownership in the surveyed group. Even the 50-64 age group has 50 percent ownership. Since the survey included any Apple product, from high end Mac to tiny iPod Nano, the number of households with an Apple product actually seems a little low.

Sounds like me

We have 11 apple products in my house:

2 iphones

2 mac books

1 mac book pro

1 Ipad

4 Ipods (various iterations)

1 desktop

ckoffend on

I own 3 Apple products and stock, as well.

meer765 on

I have an Apple II-c in the house that still works, so I guess I'm in the Apple owning half, though I switched to IBM clones 20 years ago.

Martin Weimer on



murkeymoop on

no Apple products in our household

dang11 on

I personally dont like iOS (outside of the Macbook's gestures) setup and usability. It just doesn't sit well with me.

Steven Masters on


I'm actually surprised this number isn't higher; Apple's flat-out dominance with the iPod has led to competitors being difficult to name, let alone purchase.

Ethan Ash on

they are my favorite fruit.

Bob Nichols on

The rank and file Apple customers aren't the problem, it's the loud fan boys and evangelists that give you grief about it are what causes people to dislike Apple.

Markham Lee on

What's the over/under for Apple product ownership in a typical high school, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, and MacBooks? 90 percent? Higher?

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