Morning countdown: Zombie botnet won't die

Plus: Facebook investors treated shabbily

  1. Brian Proffitt: Open source outrage over Sonatype study is misplaced [ITworld]
  2. Google, Oracle negotiate over Java damages [ITworld]
  3. US gov't IT budgets will get tighter [ITworld]
  4. California court modernization project runs out of cash [ITworld]
  5. Chris Nerney: Zuckerberg holds investors in as much contempt as he holds users [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: Khelihos botnet won't stay dead [ITworld]
  7. Samsung's widely mocked enormous Android phone selling nicely [ITworld]
  8. How to let go of your programming ego [ITworld]
  9. Verizon iPad battery can supply 24 hours of hotspot service [ITworld]
  10. Peter Smith: Xbox quickly becoming a streaming media powerhouse [ITworld]
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