Meet the voice of Admiral Ackbar

90-year-old radio dramatist uttered the famous 'It's a trap!' line in 1983's 'Jedi' film

Around our house, my two oldest kids are really getting into Star Wars, and they're discovering some of the minor characters, including Admiral Ackbar, the Mon Calimari leader who uttered the famous line, "It's a trap!" in the 1983 film "Return of the Jedi." Of course, my son keeps calling him "General Ackbar", and we have a fun laugh saying that he "didn't attend Admiral training school for 10 years to be called "General".

Anyway, a video clip of a current interview with Erik Bauersfeld, now 90, is circulating the InterWebs. Check out this video with the man who uttered those famous words:

You can read more about Bauersfeld in this SFGate blog post. He also voiced Bib Fortuna, another character who makes occasional appearances in our house (the kids wear a neck pillow to pretend they're him).

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