EMC VNXe 3100 performance check

A simple IOmeter test across six virtual machines, two iSCSI volumes, and five 15,000-rpm SAS disks in RAID5

Given that I had only five active high-speed disks, a full performance test of the VNXe wasn't really possible, but I wanted to make sure the unit wasn't obviously subpar. (See the full review, "EMC VNXe 3100: Sweet entry-level NAS and SAN.") Although I attempted to wring the most I could out of the array, I'm certain there are optimization steps that could improve the results -- and likely scalability issues that might decrease them.

To provide a basic workout, I configured two iSCSI servers on the VNXe, each bound to one of the two storage processors and attached to each of the active NICs on their respective controllers. Then I created two VMFS volumes, one on each of the two servers. The three attached vSphere hosts were then configured to use round-robin load balancing across both of their dedicated iSCSI NICs to all four of the VNXe's active interfaces, effectively eliminating any of the network interfaces as a bottleneck.

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