Finally, a Facebook app that haters can 'like'

Research project creates application allowing Facebook users to designate 'enemies'

Fed up with "friends" and "likes" on Facebook?

Now you can express your inner hater on the world's most popular social network thanks to a new app called EnemyGraph.

According to a blog post introducing the app, "EnemyGraph is an application that allows you to list your 'enemies.' Any Facebook friend or user of the app can be an enemy. More importantly, you can also make any page or group on Facebook an 'enemy.'"

More importantly, indeed! Why restrict the scope of your hatred to one user when there's a whole Facebook world out there to hate on?

The post continues, "This covers almost everything including people, places and things. During our testing, triangles and q-tips were trending, along with politicians, music groups, and math."

Obviously some people are wasting perfectly good hatred.

EnemyGraph is a project of a team of developers at the Emerging Media + Communications program at the University of Texas in Dallas.

One of the developers talked to The Huffington Post about the project:

Facebook has this artificial positivity kind of forced upon it," said Harrison Massey, a student at UT Dallas who, along with Dean Terry, the director of the program, and Bradley Griffith, a graduate student, collaborated to develop the app. "We believe that there is a certain amount of health in saying that you don't like something, that something is your enemy, because you can create conversations about that. You can bond with people over that."

Of course, there already is an app for people to bond over what they don't like. It's called politics.

Once a user installs EnemyGraph, HuffPost explains, he or she "can choose 'enemies' from both their existing friends list as well as from a list of other users of the app. They can also choose to 'enemy' public figures and companies with pages, or, in the words of EnemyGraph, 'pretty much anyone or anything on Facebook.'"

Why wouldn't you just unfriend someone instead of "enemying" them? Won't that lead to some awkward exchanges on your wall?

If anyone's tried EnemyGraph, or has been hated on by someone using it, let us know.
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