Morning countdown: Big Data, from the basketball court to the White House

Plus: Zynga insiders make (more) money

  1. White House plans big Big Data push [ITworld]
  2. Peter Smith: PlayStation 4 to have dopey name [ITworld]
  3. Brian Proffitt: We don't need Red Hat's billions to validate open source [ITworld]
  4. Dan Tynan: Things you shouldn't do on Facebook (or anywhere else) [ITworld]
  5. Spamming Pinterest for $1000+ per day [ITworld]
  6. MS Office provides hole for malware to infect Macs [ITworld]
  7. Chris Nerney: Zynga enriches insiders with secondary offering [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Fogarty: Network gurus have fun with hotel Wi-Fi network [ITworld]
  9. Irfan Khan: Big Data helps democracy (and sport analysis) [ITworld]
  10. Cybercrime turns out to be organized [ITworld]
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