Flashback Friday: '70s kids learn about their future miserable jobs

"When I want to grow up, I want to be a blogger!"

The fine folks at the AT&T Tech Channel have unearthed a film called "Get it Together", a 28-minute journey into the "world of work" where students in 1976 learned about different careers. We get to visit different occupations, and see what kids were preparing for more than 35 years ago. My favorite part is the first-grade class that visits McDonald's to learn about possible careers there. We did a similar visit to McDonald's when I was in school (at about the same time), which prepared me for my high school job at Burger King. Also, check out when the mayor of Bowling Green, Kentucky, says that you don't need to know much in order to be a mayor (probably still true!).

I'm still not sure what this had to do with AT&T or why they were involved in this film, but the jobs of the '70s were pretty much just as boring as the jobs of today. Just kidding, I love being a tech writer and editor! But back then I think I wanted to become a board game designer. Or a Jedi.

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