Two more Google Goggle parody videos

What Windows Goggles would look like; and an ad-infested version

OK, here are a couple more videos based on the Google Goggles (aka Project Glass) video that debuted a few days ago, showing us a world of interconnectivity through a funky pair of glasses.

First up is the "Windows Project Glass" video, which includes the obligatory blue screen of death image at the end (sorry if it spoiled it for you). Be sure to look for the cameo by Clippy!

But don't think we're letting Google off the hook so easily, either. Here's another video that showcases some truer reality of the interface - after all, Google makes most of its money from Google ads - this video is more likely to be what you'll see when you use these glasses:

We'll keep our eyes open (and avoid street poles and buses) for any other parody videos that come down on this front.

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