Morning countdown: Facebook aims for NASDAQ, does security damage control

Plus: Is Angry Birds killing your poor battery?

  1. Microsoft throwing money at Windows Phone app store [ITworld]
  2. Foxconn to offer 'significant' raises to factory workers [ITworld]
  3. Oracle CSO trashes three-year-old payment industry security rules [ITworld]
  4. Does FlashBack really have control of 600,000 Macs? [ITworld]
  5. Peter Smith: Is Kickstarter the future of gaming? [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: Facebook mobile apps are insecure despite denials [ITworld]
  7. Free apps drain cell phone batteries [ITworld]
  8. Indian IT firms are heading for a fall [ITworld]
  9. Sergey Brin spotted wearing Google Glass prototype [ITworld]
  10. Facebook pics NASDAQ as home for its stock listing [ITworld]
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