And the highest employee-rated tech CEO is...

Several tech chief executives among 25 top-rated in survey

Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company? It's an intriguing question. Well, at least if asked anonymously (otherwise, all CEOs are just so awesome that you can't believe you were lucky enough to get a job with the company). routinely poses that very question to employees, receiving more than 280,000 responses over the past year alone. The workplace rating site has just come out with a list of the 25 highest-ranking chief executives among those who have received at least 100 ratings from their employees from mid-March of 2011 through March 15 of this year. Several tech CEOs cracked the charts, including one of the new kids on the block, Apple's Tim Cook, who topped the list with a superb employee average rating of 97%, slightly higher than the 95% earned by his predecessor and Apple co-founder, the late Steve Jobs. Another relative newcomer to the corner office, Google's Larry Page, finished tied for fourth place with a 94% approval rating, only slightly lower than the 96% the search giant's anonymous employees gave former CEO Eric Schmidt. Chip maker Intel's Paul Otellini was the sixth highest-rated CEO, with a 93% employee approval rating, topping his previous mark of 90%. VMware's Paul Maritz was the ninth and last of the CEOs to earn at least 90% (remember, this is based on at least 100 ratings over the past year), way up from his previous score of 75%. Was it the Friday afternoon open bar he started last year? Kidding! EMC's Joe Tucci and Sprint Nextel's Dan Hesse racked up employee-approval ratings of 86% and 85%, respectively. Hesse's score was up from 77% last year. Maybe it was the open bar! (Oh wait, I already used that line.) Oracle's Larry Ellison snuck onto the last at No. 23, with an approval rating of 81%, up from 72% last year. And coming in at 80%, well above her predecessor's D grade, was HP's Meg Whitman. From

Whitman is the only woman to break into the list of top rated CEOs with an 80% approval rating. And she is faring much better than her predecessors – Leo Apotheker garnered a 57% cumulative approval and Mark Hurd received a 34% cumulative approval. One Hewlett-Packard employee wrote that, “Mark Hurd badly impacted HP Values and people morale, but HP has got amazing people who kept on performing through salary cuts and CEO scandals. So my most sincere good luck to Meg and her leadership team to bring back some of the HP way.”

We'll see how HP morale holds up when the layoffs come in the wake of the merging of the printing and PC business units.

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