Morning countdown: Who loves their tech bosses?

Plus: Anonymous trophy room tires of Anonymous

  1. A Megaupload conviction could spell trouble for cloud storage services [ITworld]
  2. Irfan Khan: Your IT team can't let business intelligence slip offline [ITworld]
  3. Peter Smith: OK, Maybe the Xbox 720 will have an optical drive after all [ITworld]
  4. Sandra Henry-Stocker: Hang on to your Unix files! [ITworld]
  5. U.S. CIO pitches service-driven federal IT [ITworld]
  6. Big names unite behind big data training initiative [ITworld]
  7. Ice Cream Sandwich on only 3% of Android gadgets [ITworld]
  8. Chris Nerney: Employees love Tim Cook, Larry Page [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Fogarty: Pastebin trying to dissociate itself from Anonymous [ITworld]
  10. Mac users proven to be just a gullible as Windows users [ITworld]
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