Retro Wednesday: Today's video games and Web sites, yesterday!

Twitter, Facebook, Angry Birds and Draw Something get the retro treatment

A co-worker and I were recently discussing the appeal of retro videos and nostalgia, trying to figure out why people like seeing old footage of their original computers. I thought it brought back people to a time when their lives were happier, simpler, or just brought back old memories (like the thought of Christmas at your grandmother's house, etc.).

If that's your thing, then you'll love the following videos, in which we see what Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter and Draw Something would look like if they were developed in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Internet was still young and computer graphics and games were a bit blocky. The videos come from YouTuber "SquirrelMonkeyCom", definitely subscribe-worthy.

First up, Angry Birds as an original PC game:

Next up, we see what Facebook would have looked like in the '90s:

Switching back to games, here's what Draw Something (my current mobile obsession) would have looked like in the PC game era ('80s and '90s):

Finally, here's what Twitter would have looked like in the '80s, along with some fun "awesome" hashtags:

My favorite parts? The modem shriek and the floppy disk drive access sounds! If those sounds make you feel nostalgic, check out "20 iconic tech sounds bound for extinction".

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