Morning countdown: How to manage your boss

Plus: 2,000 ex-Yahoos fired by their boss

  1. Civil liberties advocates condemn cybersecurity bills [ITworld]
  2. Dan Tynan: Social spam is metastasizing [ITworld]
  3. Facebook lawyers go nuts, threaten random blog commenter [ITworld]
  4. Chris Nerney: Yahoo lays off 2,000 for starters [ITworld]
  5. Oracle gives away software away free of charge (to people who have paid for Oracle stuff) [ITworld]
  6. Why managers are bad at estimating how long it takes to code [ITworld]
  7. Keith Shaw: Check out Angry Birds and Twitter, circa 1982 [ITworld]
  8. Eric Bloom: How to manage your manager [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Purdy: Could Apple really be working on iOS game controllers? [ITworld]
  10. Hacker jailed for stealing identities of 8 million Britons [ITworld]
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