What Google Goggles will REALLY look like

Watch out for that street pole!

Yesterday, Google unleashed its "Project Glass" video, showing what the world could look like if we wore their Google Goggles (codename) around town. For example, we'd be able to video chat with friends, find out if they've checked in to their favorite hipster bookstore, get coupons, etc. See the second video if you haven't yet seen their impressive video.

But we all know what these things would really look like, and already we've seen one of the first parody videos of the glasses. This is likely to capture the real experience of wearing these glasses and walking around town:

Obviously, if this will work the pop-up windows will have to be smaller (I joked with colleagues that it would look like a mess if Microsoft designed these glasses).

Here's the original video in case you missed it:

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