Happy Future Holiday Day! (First Contact Day)

Only 51 years to go until we meet the Vulcans!

OK, so apparently a bunch of Star Trek fans (dare I say "Trekkies"?) are celebrating "First Contact Day" today, in which we celebrate a fictional date IN THE FUTURE. In fact, it's now 51 years until the "real" First Contact Day. Confused? OK, let's rewind a bit.

In the movie "Star Trek: First Contact", it's established that April 5, 2063 is the day in which humans make first contact with Vulcans. In the movie, the evil Borg try to mess with that day so that they can then take over the planet, but luckily Jean-Luc Picard and the rest of the "Next Generation" crew are able to prevent that from happening, and then they re-establish the timeline by helping the humans achieve first contact day.

Here's a clip from the movie to help you remember.

In fact, with 51 years left to go, it's likely that all three of my children will be around to see this date ACTUALLY HAPPEN (and boy, will they be disappointed if we don't have warp drive capabilities by then). If I'm really lucky, I'll be 95 years old - hopefully medical science will be at the point where I'll be walking around as well (maybe my head will be attached to a robot body).

Just to be clear, First Contact Day is different from World Contact Day. What? You're not familiar with this day? It's the day mentioned in The Carpenters song, "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" (it's apparently a cover version of the original song, by the band Klaatu). Check out this video clip in case you never saw this or were born in the '80s or later:

Oddly, there's not an official date for World Contact Day - apparently we're all supposed to know this day telepathically or something. I also imagined that if aliens ever did appear on our planet, that they'd ask us where the singer of this song was who called them - asking, in fact, to meet Karen Carpenter. Then we'd really be in trouble.

Man, the '70s were weird.

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