Nest countersues, calls Honeywell 'worse than a troll'

The Learning Thermostat from Nest received rave reviews. Market leader Honeywell sued, and now Nest fires back.

Next CEO Tony Fadell accuses Honeywell of "trying to strangle us." Fadell, formerly of Apple, hired Richard Lutton Jr., Apples former general counsel and veteran of many patent lawsuits. Nest claims Honeywell's patents miss the mark, are outdated, ignore prior art, and are retreads of earlier patents.

While Nest remains small, they have friends with deep pockets, and if Honeywell expected to steamroll the small company, they misjudged. Backed by heavyweights like Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, Nest knows this is the first step in a battle for home automation, a market ripe for the "creative destruction" of technology. Breaking Honeywell's stranglehold on home thermostats would be a great start.

No love for Honeywell

Tired of hearing all of these sh** companies that do nothing whine like babies when somebody else does it better...

awesomebase on

I've tried to work with Honeywell before and they don't like customers

Duncan Cunningham on

Honeywell got told. In case you failed to read not only the article but the title too.

SilverPanda on

The issue is that the Honeywell Round has been on the market since 1953. Whatever patents this device had expired in the 1970s.

Rick Ewing on

Honeywell basically has a monopoly on this market, I think Nest might be the thing to break it. Who knows.

ScubaDiver on

Lethal legal

They hired former Chief Patent counsel from Apple? Bringing out the bigs guns, I see.

Renverse on

Chip lutton must have been the guy suing Samsung for making products similar in design to Apple. Now he says Honeywell should not sue them... allow innovation....haha

Gurmoksh Singh Bhatia on

Honeywell has been in this business one long day, and I am guessing that this is going to be a pretty nasty little war between the two.

WallabyBill on

Patent Office

I have a friend who worked for the patent office straight out of college. Basically they have no idea what the patent is about, but they approve it anyway because their manager said so.

eyhk on

Note: 90% of patent claims filed in court by the suing party are on average dismissed. nest has the odds on their side BIG TIME.

Zelannii on

Honeywell is a $35 billion plus company, so they have the money for a lot of lawyers. As do Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures, so it will be Goliath versus Goliath.

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