5 cool Titanic-related videos

100 years ago, someone shouted "Iceberg, dead ahead!" (maybe)

By now, you've probably heard that tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. To honor the anniversary, we've seen a bunch of Titanic-related videos hitting the InterWeb, so here's a roundup of our favorites:

First up, this ITN News report on the news event, filled with all of the references you'll need if you've never heard of the incident:

The fantastic PistolShrimps team has created "Titanic Super 3D", a trailer that mocks the James Cameron movie, as well as other re-releases and directors, such as George Lucas and Michael Bay:

National Geographic recently had a special with James Cameron, featuring new computer-generated graphics on how the boat sank:

In this clip, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres reveals that she was originally in the movie, but was cut out during editing. She says she's now in the re-release, with this funny clip:

Finally, we get this video, in which a guy designed a Minecraft version of the giant ship, then proceeded to sink it.

And of course, we leave you with some musical accompianment honoring the Titanic. No, not THAT song, but the theme to Downton Abbey, in which the Titanic plays a major role in the series (poor Patrick…)

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