Morning countdown: Java loses its crown

Plus: Texts carry just as much affection as love letters

  1. DoJ accuses publishers of e-book price fixing [ITworld]
  2. Irfan Khan: SAP says it's a database company [ITworld]
  3. Peter Smith: Toshiba to sell freakishly huge Android tablet [ITworld]
  4. Brian Proffitt: Red Hat-Canonical spat proves that code still matters in open source [ITworld]
  5. Good news! You won't go to jail for violating software terms of service [ITworld]
  6. How to choose a cloud host [ITworld]
  7. Chris Nerney: Nokia's latest crisis is painful to watch [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Fogarty: Newfangled communication still delivers emotional connection [ITworld]
  9. Keith Shaw: Desktop publishing, circa 1977 [ITworld]
  10. Java finally dethroned from top of programming language heap [ITworld]
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