Humans beware: sneaker-wearing robots can now climb stairs

Latest Boston Dynamics robot can climb stairs, do pushups and run on treadmills

OK, maybe these Boston Dynamics robots are just training for the Boston Marathon, since they can now wear sneakers, climb stairs, do pushups and run on treadmills. Maybe they're not being constructed in order to hunt down the human population once they achieve sentience. All I know, it's getting harder and harder to find ways to hide from the robots.

All joking aside, here's more information on these robots. According to the video description, a "modified platform resembling these robots is expected to be used as government-funded equipment for performers in Tracks B and C of the DARPA Robotics Challenge." The final robot is expected to have two arms, two legs, a torso and a head, and "will be physically capable of performing all of the tasks required for the disaster response scenarios scheduled in the Challenge."

The Challenge is expected to launch in October, so we have a few more months before we see the final results of the robots that will destroy us all (just kidding!).

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