Facebook and CISPA

CISPA, the new SOPA, has a friend in Facebook, already tying to spin their support rationale.

Cory Doctorow, one of the leaders of the fight against SOPA, writes in boingboing about Facebook's support of CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011. CISPA also allows blocking Internet access to information, has "many of the worst features of SOPA – surveillance and domain seizures and censorship and son on." And Facebook supports it.

Facebook, in their rationale for supporting CISPA, waves the national security flag, saying they need the ability to share information with other online services to protect user information from cyber attack. But Facebook promises not to share any "sensitive personal information" about any of their 845 million users. So Facebook VP Joel Kaplan says we should trust Facebook to protect our personal information.

Wrong, Facebook, wrong

fear propaganda is being used to drive privacy-invading law and increase the clutch of the surveillance state on our lives. You can't spin this any other way.

Yuval Adam on facebook.com

FB is like Assange said - a wonderful thing for the CIA.

guest on rt.com

Do you really think we believe that? Rethink !

William Miranda on facebook.com

Really unhappy

f**k off facebook!

Denis Rezende Lopes on facebook.com

Facebook is established by the CIA. Mark Zuckberg is only a mascot and nothing else.

Rockabilly Rock on rt.com

Lies. Its illegal and you guys still give out our information.

Michael Dee on facebook.com

Just who in hell is so hopelessly stupid that they are seriously able to believe that pile of "trust us" crap that only piles up higher and higher?

George C. O'Connor on facebook.com


Maybe they are supporting it so that what they are already doing becomes legal.

That_Anonymous_Coward on boingboing.net

"What is Facebook thinking?" cha-ching, that's what.

Sutra on boingboing.net

Sign of the times: one of most active forums for complaining about Facbook and CISPA? Facebook.

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