1366x768 now most common screen resolution, beating 1024x768

StatCounter reports that the most popular screen resolution has changed, with 1366x768 now the most common.

Tracking user screen resolutions since March 2009, StatCounter reported then that 1024x768 resolution lead the market with 41.8 percent of website viewers. By Marck 2012, that percentage fell to 18.6 percent. 1366x768, with 0.68 percent in 2009, has now grown to 19.28 percent. The next closest size is 1280x800, at 13 percent. Wider screens are growing popularity as the High Def TV format becomes the norm.

These do not include mobile browsers, of course. Add those in the mix, and website developers have more varying screen sizes to manage than ever before.


it's about aspect ratio, 16:9 is better suited for watching movies, as you'll see black bars on 16:10 all the time

x.iso on neowin.net

Probably due to all the laptops

Outcasst on overclock.net

Probably the older population dying off.

+briangw on neowin.net

A majority of desktops I've built for people included the same res monitors. They're around that $100 sweet spot people want to spend on a new monitor.

Jspeedracer on overclock.net

Developer advice

Many web sites are not designed for people who retain older technology for financial (or other) reasons. Every web developer should befriend someone over the age of 60 and watch their surfing habits.

thangalin on news.ycombinator.com

About time, then hopefully websites will start to move away from the 1024px barrier and expand to use more width

Scorpus on neowin.net

Not good enough

Sad that our pixel density hasn't gone up since the 90s, really. Tv ruins people with 42" screens at only 1080p. I'm glad to see that Apple is showing people that pixel density matters more than resolution alone, and I await their high-density MacBook displays.

seanp2k2 on news.ycombinator.com

16:9 sucks. 2560x1600 is the best.

Mrp04 on neowin.net

I don't care so much about pixel density; it's the ratio that bothers me. 16:9 is ridiculous for anything except watching HD television.

bo1024 on news.ycombinator.com

Hell, my 2008 laptop has a 1280x800 resolution, how come the world actually came backwards??

Starbomba on overclock.net

So when are the 4k screens coming out?

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