Take a virtual ride on Epcot's Test Track (now that it's closed)

The "fastest ride at Epcot" undergoing renovation

The people at Inside the Magic have posted another video spotlighting a ride at an Orlando amusement park that shut down - a few months ago they showed the Jaws ride at Universal Orlando - this time, it's Test Track at Disney's Epcot Center.

Test Track originally opened in 1998, but every time I went to the park the ride was either broken, or long delays and lines meant it was not as much fun as I had hoped. If you did get to ride it on a day when it was open and running, the ride itself was pretty good - you got to ride in a "test vehicle" and perform different functions during the construction of a car, including the end when the ride "goes awry" and crashes through a wall, sending you on a 60mph journey around the outside of the building. This 24-minute video takes you through the entire ride, from waiting in line, riding the ride to the post-show gift shop walkthrough.

Disney says the new ride will be called the Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot, and will re-open in Fall 2012.

The blog has also posted two other videos: In this one, check out a "point-of-view" perspective on the ride:

In this video, watch all of the pre-show videos you get to watch while waiting in line to get onto the ride (Disney still is the best when it comes to entertaining its guests while they wait to get on a ride):

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