Watch quantum levitation in action

BBC clip shows how to create a ceramic superconductor

Everything is cooler when you have someone British narrating a video, so enjoy this clip from BBC Four discussing the properties of quantum levitation. In the video, the host takes an ordinary ceramic and turns it into a superconductor (basically a cool magnet) by cooling it down with liquid nitrogen (you know, like you have just lying around the office).

If you are over in Britain and can watch the program, here's some more description from the BBC:

"Professor Mark Miodownik traces the story of ceramics. He looks at how we started with simple clay, sand and rock and changed them into pottery, glass and concrete - materials that would allow us to build cities, transform the way we view our world and communicate at the speed of light. Deep within their inner structure Mark discovers some of ceramics' most intriguing secrets. He reveals why glass can be utterly transparent, why concrete continues to harden for hundreds of years and how cooling ceramics could transform the way we power cities of the future."

Maybe now we can finally develop that hoverboard from Back to the Future.

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