ASUS wants us to wave our hands at our TVs

Kinect-like gesture control comes to TVs, causing our arms to fall off in exhaustion

It was bound to happen - the success of Microsoft's Kinect gesture controller for the Xbox 360 meant that the technology would be adopted for other systems. Here's a video for the ASUS WAVI Xtion (pronounced "wavy action"), a wireless HDMI system that aims to connect your PC to your TV (umm, we've seen that before), but with the additional option of a Kinect-like sensor (it even looks like the Kinect camera). As you see in the video, you can now use your arms and hands to control the TV and watch your computer on your TV.

While the video shows a bunch of happy people having fun around this system, I think ASUS is missing the point of TV - it's a passive activity. If I have to stand up from my very comfortable sofa in order to switch from ESPN to NBC, I'm going to go crazy. And we've seen "computer on your TV" options before - it's just not that exciting. Maybe all of those people who gave up cable in order to watch Hulu on their notebooks might benefit from now watching that content on a larger screen, but the gesture-control component still baffles me. I have a Kinect and it's a bear just to get that system up and running to play games on - I have to clean away a clean space on the floor, and then stand around for a few minutes while the system tries to figure out where my hands are and then maybe, just maybe, it might register an action correctly. There's no way I'm going to use this to try and do a search on YouTube or type an email to Grandma.

But maybe I'm just an old fogey now.

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