Morning countdown: Did you survive the Gmail outage of '12?

Plus: CISPA, son of SOPA

  1. Millions endure more than an hour without Gmail [ITworld]
  2. Irfan Khan: Network engineers made the tablet revolution possible [ITworld]
  3. Google lawyer: Android was built with Sun's blessing [ITworld]
  4. Peter Smith: Where does Kickstarter money go when you fund a game? [ITworld]
  5. Hackers going after Tibetan activists [ITworld]
  6. Semiconductor sales went up $5.4 billion in 2011 [ITworld]
  7. Brian Proffitt: Microsoft needs open source, but has it burned too many bridges? [ITworld]
  8. Dan Tynan: Why CISPA sucks and what you can do about it [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Fogarty: Feds break TOR-using drug ring via informants, not tech savvy [ITworld]
  10. Open source health care puts cures before profits [ITworld]
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