Top 10 ways to be a bad technical manager

The Top 10 Ways to be a Bad Technical Manager

As technical professionals, almost all of us have worked with managers that just can’t seem to get it right? It’s almost like they have been specially trained to be bad managers. That said, maybe they just read the list below. Enjoy :)

#10 Tell your Java programmers how much you like .NET and visa versa

#9 Gossip about your staff on your Facebook page and in the restroom without checking to see that no one is in the stalls.

#8 Put next year’s salary plan on your whiteboard and forget to erase it before having a staff meeting in your office

#7 Tell your team that you love the TV show Big Bang Theory, but can’t relate to any of the characters.

#6 Have really boring weekly staff meetings and make them three hours long

#5 Take credit for great technical work done by your staff members, even if you have no clue how the work was done

#4 Make your Help Desk staff wear strict business attire, that is to say suits and ties for the men and skirt suits for the ladies.

#3 Schedule a lunch meeting and forget to order the food

#2 Specialize in reverse complements like “Great job! It was nice to see you didn’t screw up this project also”

#1 Name your network servers after Star Trek, Star Wars and Matrix characters and spell all the names wrong

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Until next time, work hard, work smart, and continue to grow.

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