Morning countdown: Yes, people still need good old Windows

Plus: Wanna hunt asteroids?

  1. Brian Proffitt: Is Canonical in ISV trouble? [ITworld]
  2. Security trade groups face off against civil libertarians over data sharing [ITworld]
  3. Malware could read Android keystrokes via motion detection [ITworld]
  4. German court orders YouTube to act as copyright cop [ITworld]
  5. Chris Nerney: RIM, Nokia in free-fall [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: NASA needs your help hunting killer asteroids [ITworld]
  7. People are spending money on Windows, still! [ITworld]
  8. Apple, Samsung still locked in German patent death struggle [ITworld]
  9. Windows 8 to embrace BYOD revolution [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: Taking a smartphone screenshot can be harder than you'd think [ITworld]
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