Fandalism: 400k users, but how to make money?

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Philip Kaplan started musician social network Fandalism, and it took off. But what's next?

The question "pud" asks in his blog is, "I have 404,772 Users. Now What?" His solo project has over 400k users, but he has no idea for Fandalism's future direction. Fill up the site with ads? Sell space to ad networks, like the one he founded? (adBrite) Develop and sell premium features?

Kaplan spends about $2,500 per month on Fandalism, mostly hosting and traffic services, but he has the means to consider it just an expensive hobby. It's refreshing to hear from someone who built a social network of 404,772 users admit he has no clue about what to do next. Wonder how many other social networks faced the same problem? Luckily, Kaplan now has hundreds of suggestions.

Help the musicians

First, let fans/listeners pay musicians as much as they want, either for download or streaming (a-la Radiohead). Second, help musicians sell tickets to their concerts. Fandalism will take a small commission.

Sergei Burkov on

I see a marketplace for video music lessons.

DanI-S on

I would say your best bet is to allow people to pay artists on the site via a "virtual guitar case" and take a small percentage of each transaction.

dools on

KickStarter for Musicians. Be the online version of American Idol or British's Got Talent. You have musicians and also they have their audiences on Fandalism.

khangtoh on

Help me

A Web site that curates new tracks and delivers them to my iTunes devices would be awesome.

Peter O'Leary on

Pinterest UI works and will be the face of many sites to come...

Sa Ma on

Build an API. You don't need to expose everything, but build a solid, elementary API so that other people can use your data, build things for your platform, etc.

Tasos Bitsios on

Help the community

Focus on building a vibrant community that has lots of data, and you'll figure it out.

Otis Chandler on

Interest Based Social Network is Future...Although the Sun will be Facebook!

Pratap Das on

You said 10% of the U.S population are music related. You have only acquired 1/60 of that number as your users. I believe once you acquire 10% of that 10% which is around 3 million, someone like google will buy you out just like youtube before.

Leon Nyuyen on

He can always fix "What Sucks About Fandalism," as he readily admits.

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