Morning countdown: How to not manage well

Plus: Anonymous makes its own Pastebin!

  1. Peter Smith: ReadItLader becomes Pocket [ITworld]
  2. Verizon has spectrum to spare, will sell some off [ITworld]
  3. Hackers harvesting credit card info from hotel reception computers [ITworld]
  4. Anonymous creates alternative to [ITworld]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Making an aaS out of free software [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: The hackers want your TV next [ITworld]
  7. Cybercrime loss estimates based on 'absurdly bad statistical methods' [ITworld]
  8. How to make money from 400,000 users [ITworld]
  9. Better in-flight Wi-Fi on the way [ITworld]
  10. Eric Bloom: How to be a bad technical manager [ITworld]
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