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Slow websites lose credibility and user interest, and are even judged less attractive than comparable sites. Here's how to zoom it up.

Scirra, a two-man startup, has done great research on easy (relatively) ways to increase website responsiveness. Details like page size matter, since larger pages take longer to transmit and load. Scirra believes Content Management Systems bloat the code and slow down response. So do social media buttons.

Loading JavaScript last in a page helps, as does keeping JavaScript in external files if possible (they'll get cached). Adjust images to use the smallest file size that maintains the level of quality you need. And remember that cookies both annoy users and require more requests, which slow performance.


The best is that it's soundly based in your own practical experience.

Velojet on scirra.com

That's a solid article for anybody getting started with web development, but it really needs more coverage on the importance of CDNs for static content.

shingen on news.ycombinator.com

No speed kills

A "mainstream" user coming to an indy website, I believe will be less inclined to make a payment on paypal for the product if the site feels "cheap" and "slow quality".

Kyatric on scirra.com

In addition to YSlow, Google WebMaster tools have some diagnostics to help determine where your site could improve it's performance.

bbejeck on reddit.com

I'm really hungry for some more advanced (if you will) techniques as I don't know what else to do with our pages (they are fast mind you, I'd just like to make them faster still).

CWIZO on news.ycombinator.com

However, the single biggest speedup I ever got (on Wordpress) was in pushing MySQL onto a separate machine from the web server. Nothing else has come close in my experience.

jacques_chester on news.ycombinator.com

Nope nope nope

So wait, do you seriously recommend inline CSS as a way to speed up websites?

mightye on reddit.com

I should go somewhere else because their website opens for me in 2.9s instead of 3s? Point is, if someone want's to visit specific page he/she will.

shinkan on scirra.com

Good article, but the less attention given to Jakob Nielsen the better, IMHO.

luketheobscure on reddit.com

Schrodinger's Website: It only loads quickly as long as no one views it.

Indy_Pendant on reddit.com

In the 1980s, Texas Instruments did an internal study and found that any computer delay longer than a half-second broke the user's train of thought. Do you think our attention spans are even shorter now? If so, comment below. Quickly.

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