Video Supercut: Nobody listens to Worf

"Sir, might I suggest" - umm, no

One of the knocks against the TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" when it first came out was that Captain Picard always made his decisions "in committee", unlike his shoot-first, ask-questions-later counterpart, Captain James T. Kirk. In many episodes, Picard would ask his senior staff about what they should do, and everyone would chime in - kind of like that 3 p.m. marketing meeting that you're always attending in real life instead of on a starship. On Next Generation, everyone's advice would be considered, making for a stronger decision in the end.

Everyone, it appears, except for Lt. Worf, security chief.

In this video supercut, we see 15 minutes of Worf making suggestions to the captain or others, and him being shot down. I'm sure there were suggestions that they did take, but it's not in this video. After a while you kind of feel sorry for the guy.

Maybe Mr. Worf could find that parallel world wormhole that Spock traveled through in the 2009 movie and catch up with the alternate Kirk and Spock - but he'll probably be ignored by them, too.

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