Meet Cyborg Steve Jobs

The Apple co-founder depicted in surrealistic sci-fi battle mode


Last week I posted something about the FBI's file on the late Steve Jobs. The feds' file on Jobs included comments from interviewees about the Apple co-founder's drug use earlier in his life as well as allegations that Jobs could be dishonest in his business dealings.

The post attracted a couple of comments, including one from a man who wrote, "I think it's a shame that we're nitpicking the details of his life just these few short months after his passing." (Jobs dies last October after a long struggle with cancer.)

That commenter included a link to a portrait he did of Jobs. Normally I don't click on promotional links in comments to my posts, but this one intrigued me, so click I did.

What I found was the work of a very talented artist named Brandt Hardin, who lives in Clarksville, Tenn., and describes himself as a "Pop Surrealist illustrator and designer."

The Jobs illustration to which Brandt linked can be seen below. It depicts Jobs as a cyborg-type character reminiscent of the Transformers, or maybe Iron Man if Tony Stark took it to another level.

I figured a lot of tech readers might enjoy Brandt's work, which also includes illustrations of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (who engages in a cyborgean battle with Jobs), visionary fiction writer Aldous Huxley, and a whole bunch of legendary musicians -- John Lennon, Robert Johnson, Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and Dimebag Darrell.


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